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Avago Brothers Footpump for 6 inch Highbanker.

Avago Brothers Footpump for 6 inch Highbanker.

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Imagine.... you could go to your favorite creek tomorrow and run a 6 or even an 8 inch highbanker all day long, completely inside the rules.

They Banned the Dredge!

They Banned the Petrol Pump!

They Banned the 12 Volt Pump!

But in the spirit of good Ole Aussie ingenuity and 'having a go' we are proud to introduce to you......

 The "Avago Brothers" Little Ripper Double Action Foot Pump. Human powered, so Legal in NSW & QLD.

Use your foot to feed the water so you have 2 hands free to shovel material into your Highbanker or Sluice run. Increasing your efficiency and allowing you to process more material each visit.

MORE Dirt = More GOLD, Pretty simple concept really.

Can be run by 1 person, but take a mate and really unlock this little pumps Full potential. 

Currently there is one version which provides ample flow for a 6 inch unit, the 8 inch version is very close to being ready for manufacturing. The 8 inch will be added when it becomes available.

What you get in the KIT:

  • 1 x "Avago Brothers" Foot Powered Double Pump.
  • 2 x 'y' Joiners to connect both pumps.
  • 1 x Stainless Pick up foot to keep weed/gravel out of the pumps.
  • Check this out!

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