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Sito Scoop

Sito Sand Scoop - 170mm and 200mm

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Having a sand scoop when you hit the beach allows you to quickly and easily recover targets. Quicker recoveries means more hunting time, which means more finds. Simple......


Sito sand scoops are without question "the" most asked for scoops in Australia, due to their excellent stainless steel build, quality and strength.

If you've ever tried recovering a target from wet sand without a scoop, you'll know that it's a challenge at the best of times. Walls falling in, water filling the hole and waves knocking you about, its difficult.

Many have tried drilling holes in Green shovels, or made something at home from a strainer or sieve that was never designed to take the weight of wet sand.

That's why a sand scoop makes life so much easier. 

  • No bending to dig holes
  • No need for a pinpointer, just keep digging until the target is in the scoop.
  • No more getting yelled at for converting today's vege strainer into tomorrows sand scoop
  • No more drilling holes in god knows what to create one

This is a purpose built bit of gear that works as well in the dry sand as it does in the wet.

Do yourself, or the beach hunter in your life a favour and buy a Sito today, you'll thank us later. 

We carry the 170mm and 200mm options, as well as the one metre carbon fibre handles for a great combination of strength and lighter weight.



 Carbon fibre handle