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RAPTOR Handles for your beach Scoop, Moves Lots of sand fast.

RAPTOR Handles for your beach Scoop, Moves Lots of sand fast.

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Make your beach detecting easier by adding a set of RAPTOR handles to the handle. Gives you more control and takes the pressure off the break point.

Ever fallen flat on your arse in front of on lookers at the beach because the handle of your scoop snapped mid dig? Happened to me at Nobby's beach Newcastle and this is the first time I have ever mentioned it in Public. Embarrassing! 

The Fact is that your sand scoop filled with wetsand, rocks and hopefully your target is very heavy. It puts a huge amount of pressure on the spot right where the handle joins the scoop. The break point! If your scoop is going to break that's where it will happen a lot of the time.

Wet hands can also make controlling the scoop and pulling out the full scoop hard work.

But not with a set of RAPTOR Handles.

There are 2 Raptor handles in all:

  1. The Raptor GUIDE handle that gives you control when pushing the scoop into the wetsand.
    Raptor Guide handle
  2. The Raptor PULL handle allows you to pull the full scoop out of the sand with ease and also takes the pressure off the breakpoint.
    Raptor Pull Handle

So how Strong are these handles and will they break on me?

The handles are that strong that they come with a LIFETIME guarantee! If you break a Raptor handle in action then it will be replaced for free for LIFE! Just cover the postage.

 Below is a video of the Handles in Action to give you an idea of how they benefit your beach hunting. Especially on those deeper targets when you start hitting the rocks and heavy mud.

 As you can see the Rapto Handles amke digging in sand faster and a whole lot easier. Allowing you to dig more before the arms give out and the clock strikes beer o'clock.

Plus you'll lessen the chance of falling on your Butt in front of people at the beach and for that fact alone the Raptor handles are worth every cent.

You can buy them seperately as some scoops have a Pull handle built in or you can buy the set of 2 together.

Remember these are Guaranteed for Life so if you ever break them in the field you'll get some new ones for the cost of postage.

Happy beach hunting



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