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Nugget Finder

Nugget Finder XCeed Coils for Minelab GPX 6000 3 Sizes

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Nugget Finder XCeed Coils for your GPX 6000 from Minelab. Enhanced performance and approved by Minelab.

many of you have experienced the difference that a Nuget finder coil can make your machine. The GPX Range of Metal Detectors from Minelab have long been a better Unti for having a ugget finder attached.

Its no Different with the New Xceed 6000 range from Nugget Finder. Handmade right here in Australia since 1991.

Three sizes to choose from so the biggest your going to have is to buy 1 or all 3?

8 Inch x 6 Inch XCeed 6000 Coil:
- This size might ring abell as its the exact size of the almost lengendary "Sadie" coil for the GPX range. Pick every last spec of gold of mullock heaps, River beds and small tight areas. Miss nothing with this highly manoverable coil. 

12 Inch x 7 Inch XCeed 6000 Coil:
- Sensitivity combined with some pretty good ground coverage. At Just 7 Inches wide this coil will be perfect for grassed out areas and getting between obstacles in your territory. Clean up the last shallow bits in your patch before going for some serious depth.

16 Inch x 10 Inch XCeed 6000 Coil:
- Lets cover some ground! With a massive 16 Inches per pass you'll be able to take a pretty normal step and still overlap properly, Knowing your missing virtually nothing. Find your next patch with the 16x10 XCeed 6000.

It's a tough choice so if you need some help just give us a call during business hours and we will TRY and make it a bit easier for you. But like all good things you'll struggle to just buy one.

Happy Hunting