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Nokta Mini Hoard

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If you want to get the kids outside and off their devices then we couldn’t think of a better way to do it than to introduce them to the world of metal detecting!  One of the only hobbies that can pay for itself even at a beginner level, we believe the Mini Hoard is the ideal machine to get started in the hobby.

The Mini Hoard made by Nokta | Makro is the worlds first fully waterproof metal detector designed entirely for kids.  Super tough and simple to use yet with the basic and powerful features you need to discriminate and ignore iron targets and  other junk metals.

Fully collapsible for transport and waterproof for playing in creeks and washing off after a day of detecting the Mini Hoard is an incredible All-Terrain detector made to go anywhere with anyone. The Mini has 2 sections of discrimination meaning you can choose which targets you want to ignore and which targets you want to dig, a must have feature for those places with lots of nails and bottle caps in the ground!

Release the discoverer in your child... see the excitement when they uncover their first treasure!