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Minelab SDC2300 Lithium Battery + Charger, Upgrade your SDC Battery Today.

Minelab SDC2300 Lithium Battery + Charger, Upgrade your SDC Battery Today.

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NEW From Minelab the SDC 2300 Lithium Cell that fits straight into your existing SDC 2300 Metal Detector.

Lets be honest here the C-sized cells that came standard with the SDC 2300 for so long left a little to be desired.

Some rattling, Machines turning off mid swing and that HUGE charger to lug around everywhere. They did the job well but they where not ideal.

Introducing the Factory Lithium Cell + Charger from Minelab that goes straight into your SDC 2300 and gives the machine the power it needs to be at peak performance ALL DAY LONG!

Lithium is Lighter, Charges Faster and has a much more linear Power delivery. 

Lithium provides FULL Power for longer and Unlike the Ni-MH batteries don't tail off as the day goes on. You get full power for longer meaning your a better chance of finding that smaller gold.

The Charger is the same one as used on the Minelab Gold monster, so if you have both machines then the one charger will do both batteries.

Introduce your Minelab SDC 2300 to the factory lithium cell, designed to be used with the SDC and give you even better performance from what is one of Australia's most successful gold detectors.

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NOTE: This listing is for the Lithium Battery and charger ONLY, SDC 2300 sold separately.

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