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Minelab Go-Find 66 Metal Detector

Minelab Go-Find 66 Metal Detector

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Minelab Go-find 66 Metal Detector, Simple, Light and powerful Beginner metal detector for everyone.

Start your Treasure hunting with the Minelab Go-find 66.  No assembly required just put in some batteries and your away.

Identify common coins, control the workings of the detector and record your finds through Minelab’s innovative smart phone app.

Its waterproof 10 Inch coil makes wet grass and shallow water a breeze, Simple to use, Folds away tiny and at 1 kilo is easily swung by the smallest Detectorist.

Grab your Go-find 66 from Aussie detectorist and we will get you and your family up and running at one of our regular training sessions.


- Simple Treasure View, RED = Probable Trash, Green = Possible treasure.

- Auto ground-tracking reduces noise interference and maximizes target signals.

- Bluetooth, Can be used with your phone 

- Compact and Lightweight

- 4 Search modes

- Easy to use, set up in seconds.

- Suitable for juniors and seniors alike

Get the Kids outside this weekend with a Minelab go-find 66.

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