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Minelab Equinox 800 Gold Pack

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Minelab Equinox 800 Gold Pack, go multi frequency in The Australian Goldfields with Equinox 800 Gold pack.

Why choose the equinox 800 as a gold machine?

The equinox 800 is largely known as a waterproof coin detecting beach machine, but with it's dedicated gold program and the addition of the 6 inch coil, it becomes quite the weapon when looking for those elusive gold nuggets.

The Equinox 800 is often compared to the goldmonster 1000 and lets face it the monster with the 5 inch coil is a weapon on small gold, but the monster does kinda put itself in a box. 

What I mean is that the monster 1000 is a gold machine, it hates the beach, is too sensitive for the park and the lack of TID Numbers make it impossible to have any clue what your going to dig on a coin hunt. 

The 800 gives you more flexibility in your detecting, as sometimes its not easy to just duck out to the goldfields.The equinox 800 can also be used to hunt $2 coins in the park or at the beach.
It's 3 meters waterproof so you can take a dive in the water at swimming holes and again at the beach and chase gold in jewellery form instead.

In fact the equinox 800 is one of the most versatile metal detectors on the Market.

At Aussie detectorist we have revived the good 'ole fashioned Minelab Gold pack (Minelab customers know the old 2 coil goldpack on the xterra) and updated it with latest Minelab all round detecting technology.

  • You'll get the Equinox 800 metal Detector with wireless headphones and 11inch coil.
  • We then Include the "GOLD" coil, the 6 inch round coil. It also doubles up as your trashy area coil.
  • We also added a spare bottom shaft for your 6inch coil. Have it set up ready to go for easy changeover.
  • Included also is a set of 'twin cups' to recover your gold and of course a bottle to store it in as you dig it up.

This is the package we recommend to those that don't live right on the gold fields. It allows you to do other sorts of detecting that are way more accessible like coin shooting and relic hunting.

But when the time comes to chase the gold, put on your 6 inch coil, put the 800 in gold mode and know that you have a powerful machine that has found plenty of gold in Australia.
Remember that your waterpoof, so you'll be able to do a few spots that others can't reach.

Grab your Equinox 800 Gold Pack today and save a few $$ on buying it seperately.


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