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Gold Rat Modular Sluice system, The Sluice that grows with you.

Gold Rat Modular Sluice system, The Sluice that grows with you.

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Modular sluice System by Gold Rat, with the basics and grow the Modular series to a full shovel ready beast when you hit pay dirt.

OK Here's How this Bad Boy works.

You start with the Starter Kit, Hence the name.
This gives you an 8 Inch wide sluice run with a river flair on it. But there is a BIG difference between this and the standard river sluice. 

TBH there a few differences.

  1. The Flare is a BOLT ON so it can be taken off, why will become apparent in a sec.
    The Flare is also WIDER than the run meaning you get exceptional flow.
  2. The sides are Higher, so with the wider flare you can get pretty radical with the dirt delivery.
  3. It has Holes drilled in the sides: Don't Panic its important they are there.


Number 4 and this is the big one that no other sluice i know of can do!

You can unbolt the river flare and swap it out for a Wash BOX.

You then add the legs (that's what the holes are for) and with the addition of a bilge pump you have a power sluice that doesn't require river flow anymore.

This also works PERFECTLY at home as a re-circulating clean up sluice!

Lastly you can add the shovel flare for the top of the wash box, this makes the Modular sluice basically a shovel ready highbanker and that's when dirt starts to fly.

So The idea of the modular sluice system is that it can GROW with you and once you have all the modules, you have a system that is highly adaptable to many prospecting situations.

Instead of having 10 different sluices and highbankers etc, just have this ONE and you've got 99% of your bases covered.

Hope that makes sense.

This is a popular system and you can see why.

We also have the FULL Kit available with Bilge pump, Wash box, Leg kit and River flare.
0467614701 and ask about a 8 inch POWER SLUICE KIT.



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