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  • Gold Rat 8 Inch Recirculating Power Sluice combo Gold Rat
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Gold Rat

Gold Rat 8 Inch Recirculating Power Sluice combo

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Gold Rat 8 Inch Recirculating Power Sluice combo.


  • The Famous 8x47 inch gold river sluice running the dream mat for superior gold recovery, additionally the 400 mm header unit with plumbing and 3 meters of premium non crush delivery hose to suit.
  • To keep this unit firm on the floor it has the classic stainless steel leg brackets and 12mm aluminium leg bar kit.


  •  The water is delivered with a 3000 GPH TMC Bilge pump, this is the best bilge pump tested to date!

  •  This set-up is ideal for the weekend prospector, the prospector who detects and crushes ore or the small scale miner who needs to run his crushed ore or concentrates when capture rates are imperative and water is in short supply.

  •  You not only have a great standalone system you have a flared river sluice to take with you when flows are good.

  •  If you like to bring buckets of dirt home to run in the backyard or you have kids you would like to introduce to the hobby well you will want to add this to the collection.


  • Contents List:
    • 8 Inch Gold Rat Sluice with clamp Flair for river sluicing
    • 8x36 inch Dream mat
    • 8 Inch Header conversion unit
    • Highbanker leg kit with 4 legs and 4 adjustable height and angle brackets
    • Water delivery hose 3 meters
    • 3000 GPH Bilge Pump
    • water delivery plumbing and all connections from 32mm hose to sluice header box
    • Updated  plumbing with cam-lock fittings as per the product images, no longer included is the valve or white plumbing the black poly works much better and is easier to work with.