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Gold Rat 888 Sluice with Extension and Forward Classifier Package Deal

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The Famous Triple 8 River Sluice with the extension and the forward classifier in a package deal. The COMPLETE 888 River sluice package deal.

Package Deal Contains:

- 888 River Sluice Run with Dream Mat Retail - $165

- 8 Inch Sluice Extension with Dream mat and bolts Retail - $185
(Same size Mat as the 888)

- 8 Inch Forward Classifier with screen  - Retail $55

TOTAL Retail Value $405

As A Package Deal you'll get all three pieces for Just

The Extension Bolts straight onto the 888, You may need to drill the holes if you have had your sluice awhile. Its a proper easy job to do.

The Forward classifier site perfectly over the first run and allows you to process larger material directly on the slick plate. The forwrad classifier allows you push the larger material up and over the side of the 888 sluice run.

The Forward classifier really comes into its own on clay material as you can use the screen like a cheese grater to break down those tough lumps.

WHY a long Run?

Quite simply to jam more dirt through and to clean up less often. Its not really a capture rate thing as the Dream mat has a massive capture rate. If your seeing good gold in the second run, your having a very GOOD day Indeed!

Grab your Fully Loaded Triple 8 Gold rat Sluice run today.