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AGRO Hardened Steel Edge Digger with sheath

AGRO Hardened Steel Edge Digger with sheath

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A Quality edge digger that will be your daily digging tool for a long time to come.

Everyone has snapped, bent or just broken a cheap digging tool from the hardware shop. sure $10 is a good price, but put some weight on it and its gone.

With these hardened steel and serrated edge diggers, retrieving targets that you have found with your metal detector is a breeze.

It comes with a sheath that is easy to get the digger in and out of and fits straight onto your existing belt.

A Quality little edge digger that has been made to last.

These shovels are also perfect in the Garden and for weeding the lawn. Its an all purpose tool that makes a great gift...... You can borrow to go detecting.

Small Digger: Hardened Steel. With Sheath

  • Blade: Serrated both sides.
  • Length: 300mm.
  • Overall Width: 89mm.
  • Blade Width: 55mm.
  • Blade Length: 73mm.
  • Weight: 440grams
  • Sheath Included.
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