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C.Scope CS4PI Pulse Induction - Specialist beach metal detector.

C-Scope Metal Detectors

C.Scope CS4PI Pulse Induction - Specialist beach metal detector.

$549.00 $599.00

How does your Current Metal detector perform on the wet sand? I know it's frustrating that it works so well everywhere else but on the beach it just can't take it.

For many coin and relic detectorists their machines function in the parks, out in the bush and even on the dry sand very very well. We can make good finds, plough through trash and do pretty well on most hunts.

Then at some stage we take our machine down to the wet beach and it all goes pear shaped.

The previously Awesome metal Detector becomes a horrid, bad tempered, Chattering beast!

It won't balance, it's noisy, it falses all the time and if you touch the sand with the coil it goes nuts. I too have wanted to pitch my machine into the ocean in frustration and for a while there I gave up beach hunting on wet sand all together.

What's worse is you go home and watch a bit of YouTube and see blokes just killing it on the wetsand!

It's then that it hits you...........

Most of the guys that are killing the wetsand are using PI (Pulse Induction) Metal detectors. They are way more stable in the wetsand than their VLF cousins and punch way deeper on smaller targets.

Then the second fact hits you........

A halfway decent Brand Name Pulse Induction machine is going to cost some money! Most are over $1,000 and many are way more expensive than that.

YES You could turn to the BBS or FBS Technology but again be prepared to drop at least $1,000 and closer to $2,500 for the high end ones.

Or Maybe get a generic Chinese made one on eBay for way less, but really would you seriously consider that?

So What's the answer to being able to hammer the wet (and Dry) sand but not have to drop 1 or 2 thousand dollars to achieve it?


The C.Scope CS4PI Metal detector from the UK.
Making metal detectors since 1975!

The CS4PI has been designed to do one thing and do it really really well. It is a beach metal detector that's it!

At the beach it will eek out small deep targets, it will recover coins, jewellery and of course loads of trash from any wet or dry sand beach with ease. Hey Just being honest, not every hole has 22k In it.

 If your deadly serious about having a crack at beach metal detecting then this is the detector that you need in your arsenal and I haven't even gotten to the best part yet.

The CS4PI is VERY simple to use, it has 2 Knobs on it and NO discrimination. You turn it on, tune the 2 knobs in the green zone until the detector is stable and start digging up targets.

cscope CS4PI Beach metal detector

The Knob on the left is sensitivity, the one on the right is wavelength or frequency.
Simply adjust the 2 together in the green Zone to stabilise the CS4PI.

If the machine beeps, you dig a hole it's that easy. There's also a Visual Indicator light right in that white double circle in the centre.

We all know that at the beach we pretty much dig every target anyway as you never know when that horrible tone will be that awesome piece of gold we have been looking for. So there is no real need for discrimination.

In Fact, If your using discrimination on the beach then you may be leaving the most valuable targets behind.

But still I haven't told you the best bit yet.....

This Beach Killing, Pulse Induction Monster is LESS THAN $600 to own! In Fact $600 will even cover the postage as well in 95% of cases.

Yep a true Pulse Induction metal detector designed specifically to get results at the beach and it is available right here in Australia for Under $600 dropped (I mean placed with great care) at your front door.

So Don't give up on your beach metal detecting dreams yet!

Most people that hunt the beach are using machines that simply do not perform at their best on the beach and they miss load of targets. This is a GOOD thing.

With a C.Scope CS4PI in your hands you can follow them around and let them clean out the shallow trash while you hit the deeper treasures.

The CS4PI is a strongly built machine and comes with a 10 Inch coil as standard. All you need to do is feed it some batteries and hit the sand!

cscope 10 inch polo coil for CS4PI

You can even mount the control box on your Belt if the 1.4 Kilo (with batteries) weight gets a bit too much after a long day walking the sand.

Order your Beach Killing CS4PI Metal detector today and this summer increase your beach finds and decrease your frustration. You'll still have your other machine for cleaning out the parks and other areas it could potentially pay for itself quite quickly.

EXCLUSIVE to Detectorist.com.au


Recent C-Scope CS4PI Finds on Australian Beaches.

Highlights are the 20K (4.03g) gold band and a very crusty half penny all from spots I have hunted with my VLF machines. Missed heaps that the CS4PI Found.cs4pi ring finds

 cscope finds


DOWNLOAD The Complete Cscope brochure HERE 

DOWNLOAD the CS4PI Field test Report. CS4PI Field test
A very extensive test of the CS4PI

Here is the C.scope CS4PI in action in Australia. Couple of test targets and I nearly lose one of them.

Here is the Best Over seas review Video I could find, he talks about the setup and does a bit of detecting with the CS4PI.
Note it is Now black in colour.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

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