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BRUCE - 300KG Beginner Magnet Fishing Kit

BRUCE - 300KG Beginner Magnet Fishing Kit

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Introducing BRUCE! Australia’s best beginner magnet fishing kit.

Start small before working up to the big guys, the Bruce Magnet Fishing kit has everything you need to go magnet fishing the day it arrives.

Unearth the treasure in your local rivers, creeks, jetty's and dams. You'll be amazed at what you can find. Magnet fishing is growing in popularity and its so easy to get into.

Just grab your magnet fishing case, it has everything listed below in it ready to go. Or better still leave it in the boot of the car as you never know when a magnet fishing opportunity might pop up.

Take a look at a few youtube videos, there are literally thousands and thousands of them, to refine you technique and understand the best places to have a throw.

Through extensive product research and design we have curated a magnet fishing starter kit that features great strength, quality engineering and a whole lot of fun!

The BRUCE kit includes:

✔️Single Sided 300KG Pulling Power Magnet
✔️8mm x 20m of High Tensile Rated Rope
✔️Heavy Duty Carry Case
✔️High Strength Threadlocker
✔️Double Carabiners
✔️Cut-Proof Gloves
✔️User Guide

Everything you need to get started in Australia’s fastest growing hobby! A great way to enjoy more of the outdoors with your family and friends!

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Your next ADVENTURE starts now!

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