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888 Gold Rat Triple 8 Sluice with Dream Mat

888 Gold Rat Triple 8 Sluice with Dream Mat

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The almost legendary 888 sluice from Gold Rat fitted with Dream Mat.


8 Inches wide 88cms Long, The 888 from God rat is both portable and effective at washing larger quantities of dirt than you can process with the pan. 

The next step up from the gold pan is quite often the 888 Sluice run by Gold Rat.

 Its size makes it super portable, yet you can still chuck some dirt it with its 8 Inch wide tray. 

Fitted with dream Mat Mini Cell technology, this will park your gold at the top of the mat and your gold loss will be virtually Zero.

 Extremely quick to clean out and with clear water you can actually see the gold sitting in the cells along the Dream mat.

Hints to get the most from your 888:

  1. Wash your Mat and Run In Hot soapy Water to get rid of the mold release grease. 
  2. Test your Flow, Put some dirt down when you first setup and watch for the "Dancing" stones. You'll Instinctively Know its running well.
  3. Don't be obsessed with Angle, be obsessed with Flow. 
  4. Time in the creek is limited, Collect concentrates NOT Gold. You can get that out at home later with a beer in the backyard.
  5. "If in Doubt clean it Out" If you think you should do a clean up on the mat, Just do it. It takes like 3 minutes and your underway again.
  6. Don't leave your gear in the creek, It won't be there next time.

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