Gold Rat

Avago Brothers 8 Inch Foot Pump

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OFF Grid Footpump to transfer water, is suitable for high bankers upto 8 inchs and is a hassle free to legally wash some rocks in your gold rat gear.

The Big Boy!

This pump works awesome and comes with all the stainless fitiings you need.

Just add the Sullage hose and your away. We can supply the hose but its expensive to mail so we suggest sourcing that locally.
Its pretty easy to get.

Use the longest hose on the draw side of the pump and the shortest length between the pump and your high banker. This will cutdown on friction loss. Remember every meter you add in length you loose a little flow, its science mate! LOL

You'll Love the Avagio brothers 8 Inch foot pump and you'll find has a few other handy uses when you need to transfer water simply and quickly with No POWER needed.


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