XP Deus Genuine Back Pack

XP Deus Genuine Back Pack

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The XP Deus Back Pack is the Perfect way to store Your XP Deus and be ready to GO at a moments notice when the opportunity comes up to go detecting.

  • Got the Remote?
  • Got the WS4?
  • What about the Bigger Coil?
  • Did I put the portable charger in?
  • Where is my Water Kit Cable?

These and many more questions are asked in the minds of XP deus Detectorists as they prepare for a hunt, well that ones that don't have a backpack anyway.

Store all your Deus Gear in one Back Pack. When the message comes through that the Dig is on, simply pick it up and go, safe in the knowledge you have everything you will need.

This Pack was designed for the xp deus, so there is a special space for all the gear. You can even fit in some water and a snack for the longer hunts.

Stay Organised and Know where your gear is.

Grab an XP Deus Backpack Today.

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