WS4 Clip Jack Adapter for Aftermarket Headphones

XP Metal Detectors

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 For customers who use a DEUS WS4 (DEUS controlled by the wireless headphone WS4), here is a small accessory allowing the use of any aftermarket headphones you choose. After all we all have our old favorites.

This is a clip with built in audio jack output (3.5mm, 1/8).

This means the WS4 can now be placed in your top pocket or in a waterproof armband allowing you to see the target ID on the LCD.

Versatality PLUS with this small accessory. Grab Yours Today.

Simply Clicks into the rear of the WS4 Unit.
Great for a HOT day when the full size ear phones get pretty uncomfortable.
Keep a set of Good quality SPORT Style bud earphones handy as well.

XP Deus Clip Jack Adapter

Genuine XP Deus Clip Jack adapter Suit WS4.


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