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TYGER Stainless Digging tools for detectorists

Tyger Stainless Steel are a growing Australian based manufacturer and are producing some of the most effective digging tools available to detectorists.

 How many digging tools have you snapped, bent or just thrown away due to being useless?

I can tell you from experience that a purpose built metal detecting digging tool will outlast and out perform any Bunnings tool on the market.

And the Tyger stainless Steel range will outlast most of them!

Designed by a guy that actually uses a metal detector on a very regular basis, they are hand made, to allow you to Retrieve targets faster and with a smaller footprint, so you don't get run out of your favourite hunting grounds.

Laser Cut and TIG welded, the Tyger stainless range is exactly what your looking for in a digging tool.

  • Light weight
  • Easy to use
  • Penetrates ground easily and smoothly.
  • Cuts roots and grass neatly.
  • Allows almost zero foot print retrieval if used correctly.

The Tyger Stainless range are the Ultimate in Australian Handmade digging tools.

WHY would you import something else when these quality diggers are available to you right now here in Australia. 

Support Australian small business and manufacturing and get yourself a quality digging tool at the same time.


The Tyger Stainless Range of digging tools available now are:

The Tyger CUB

The Tyger stainless Cub Digging tool  

The Tyger Cub is a small hand digging tool ideal for those times when your popping the shallower targets in the local parks. It makes retrieval of targets upto 6 inches a breeze and the serated edges can cut the grass neatly allowing you to leave a clean site after your done.

The Tyger Cub is the ideal everyday digging tool and will become a valuable asset in your detecting kit in no time.

The Tyger SNAKE:

Tyger stainless steel Snake digging tool

The Tyger Snake is a longer digging tool with a double serrated edge. The longer T Handle allows more leverage and with the "push and wobble" technique makes retrieving those deeper targets a breeze.

The Tyger Snake allows you to cut a nice clean and narrow plug. It is ideal for ground that is a little firmer and allows you to use 2 hands to insert the blade and cut your plug neatly.

This digger is one of my favourite digging tools for built up parks and areas where leaving the smallest possible footprint is essential. It allows you to retrieve deeper targets with narrower plugs and because the blade is thinner it allows you to dig Around your target easily to avoid damage by striking your target.

It looks very different to what you are used to, but one hunt with your tyget snake and most of your other digging tools will be relegated to the garden shed.

The Tyger BLADE:

Tyger stainless steel blade digging tool

Looking more like a traditional metal detecting tool the tiger blade has been designed for the detectorist that likes to hunt in the softer ground areas and needs to cut almost perfect plugs every time.

The Tyger Blade is for those coin hunters that prefer the traditional look and style of the digging tool and that have not been happy with what is offered in the market at the moment. The tyger blade has been designed for strength and to allow the neatest possible target retrieval.

It comes with its own sheath/belt holder and is the perfect primary digging tool or secondary tool in situations where you have removed the bulk of the dirt using your larger digging tools.

The Tyger DIGGER:

Tyger stainless stand up digging tool the digger

The Tyger Stainless digger is the perfect stand up digging tool fo rthose that prefer to cut their plugs staning on their feet. It is also just perfect in bush hunting scenarios and allows you to retrieve the very deepest of targets with ease.

It cuts roots to 1cm like butter and by using your Foot to apply the weight, the "Push and Wobble" technique works a treat with these digging tools.

The slightly wider blade and long handle allow you to cut a deeper plug and lever it up with ease. It is also excellent for clearing the dirt on deeper finds and in a lot of cases you can get the target out of the hole without the need to bend over at all.

Select your Tyger stainless Digging tool Below TODAY!


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