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RNB Innovations ML-3100 to suit Minelab Metal detectors.

RNB Innovations

RNB Innovations ML-3100 to suit Minelab Metal detectors.


RNB Innovations ML-3100 Lithium Battery 12.5V With 2 Hour at home Charger Included. 

RNB Innovations ML-3100 Lithium Battery
The ML-3100 Battery pack has been designed to enhance the performance of your Minelab Metal detector. The ML-3100 will suit the following Models from the Minelab range.

One of the MAIN Features of the RNB ML-3100 is that it is a 12.5V battery system. 

The standard Minelab power pack is just 9.6 Volts. "YES It does matter!" 

By providing your minelab metal detector with the best possible power source you can be assured the machine is running at its optimum level longer.
The way the lithium battery packs discharge is also very different from the conventional battery packs and the lithoum pack will give you full power right to the very end of its charging cycle.
Other Features Include:
  • Our ML-3100 Weighs Only 298 Grams. The Minelab Slimpack Weighs 418 Grams.
  • Charges in Less than 2 hours and will Hold 97% of that Charge in a Year!
  • High Capacity Lithium-ion Delivers Long Life Run Time with Fade-Free Power!
  • Smart Home Charger Shuts Off Automatically when fully Charged @ 12.5v shows a Green L.E.D.
  • Optional 12v Smart Car Charger works the Same as the Home Charger.
  • Hunt for Days on a Single Charge.
  • One Year Unconditional Warranty.
Lighter and more powerful than the standard Minelab Slimpack, Put your compatible minelab detector on steroids and get the performance you may have been missing.

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