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RNB Innovations Lithium-Ion Battery Packs for enhanced metal detector performance.

rnb innovations battery packs

RNB Innovations Battery Packs Now available in Australia. Rechargeable battery packs so you can last longer in the field and detect more.

 Introducing RNB Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Packs for select metal detectors.

In order to get the best out any metal detector you need to be giving it the best power supply possible. By making sure you have the Maximum amount of power available for the longest possible time, you can hunt for longer and Know that your machine is working at it's optimum level.

One of the biggest reasons people complain about their detectors performance is due to using poor quality and unsuited power supplies and batteries.

For those Using AA Batteries, the temptation is to buy the cheaper ones to save a few dollars. But in affect you are not giving your machine the power it requires.

Sure when the batteries are Brand new, things are great, but how long do they stay brand new for?

Most Batteries start to lose power immediately and within the first hour or 2 of detecting they are not supplying the same level of power as they where fresh from the packet.

The longer you use these batteries the less power you get to the detector and this affects performance considerably, especially the depth your machine operate at.

Lithium-Ion Batteries are a very different power source and have allowed a lot of power to be stored into a very small and light weight unit. What this means is that Lithium-Ion battery packs pack more punch and hold more power then the equivalent size older style batteries.

They also recharge MUCH FASTER (In just a few hours, NOT 8-24 like most) and have no "Memory" so can be Topped up as needed. No you don't need to run them flat, just re-charge whenever you get the chance.

But probably the biggest benefit is the way they discharge power!

Lithium-Ion Batteries maintain consistent power levels right until they are almost fully discharged. They don't slowly fade away and take your detectors performance with them.

You'll know that when your using a high quality battery pack that your detector will be punching just as hard on 1 bar as it does when the power bars are FULL.

RnB Innovations is well known by all Treasure Hunters as one of, if not the best, manufacturer of long life rechargeable custom made battery systems for selected high-end metal detectors.

RnB Innovations Battery System will most likely become the last rechargeable battery system you will need to purchase for your detector!

Yes, they are that good! All RnB Innovation Battery Systems include a special “Smart Charger” that will quickly charge the battery in a few short hours and will not overcharge or overheat like many other cheaper options.

The Smart Charger will even indicate when the battery is fully charged and ready to use. In many cases you will see your average run-time in the field increase anywhere from 40 to 60% more.

Field testing has shown in some cases to more than double your field run-time on a full charge.

Another massive benefit of this type of battery is that they will hold a full charge for up to 1 year.

So, if you’re tired of your battery losing power before you're done hunting and waiting 18 to 24 hours to recharge, then RnB Innovations is the best rechargeable battery solution out there!

Unlike standard rechargeable batteries, the RNB Innovations Battery packs will give your detector consistent performance throughout the duration of the battery charge.

RNB Innovations Make the following Battery Packs for the Metal Detector Models Listed.

Power plus Battery pack for Garrett AT


35+ Hours per charge!

The "Power-Plus" Battery Pack has been specifically designed to fit the Garrett:

  • AT Pro
  • AT Pro International
  • AT Gold
  • ATX (2 Cells required)

RNB ML-3100 Battery pack for Minelab metal detectors

The ML-3100 Battery Pack has been designed to be used in the following Minelab Metal Detectors.

RNB Batteries EX-3000 for excalibur

The RNB EX-3000 MaH Battery Pack Insert for the Minelab Excalibur Metal detector.

Up to 60 Hours per charge!

We are Official Dealers for RNB Innovations in The USA and all products are sourced Directly from RNB.

You can't buy these Direct from USA due to strict laws relating to the mailing of battery packs. has Filled in all the paperwork, Jumped through the hoops and have been able to make these excellent quality battery packs available to you in Australia.

Order with Confidence, If you prefer to order on the phone the Number is at the top of the page.

Happy Hunting



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