Falcon MD20 Worlds Most sensitive pin Pointer Full KIT

Falcon Metal Detectors

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Falcon MD20 Worlds Most sensitive pin Pointer Full KIT contains.....

One Falcon MD20 detector with probe

Belt Holster for MD20

1.5 Meter Extendable Handle

Wired Stereo Headphones

Test Card Containing REAL GOLD

Instruction Manual and 5 Year Warranty.


The Falcon Gold Tracker MD20 is a unique metal detector designed to find tiny gold and better, in rocks, quartz veins and bedrock deposits. It responds to all metals and even though it doesn't discriminate, it gives separate responses to minerals vs. metals. Operating at 300KHz it is built with High Q components it has superior sensitivity over all other probes. The controls have been designed with linear enhancements to provide ease and precision of setting. 

Threading the cable through the extended handle gives you the ability of using the unit standing up. 

Powered by 2x9v batteries for easy swap out in the field.


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