Minelab SDC 2300 Waterproof Gold Detector

Minelab SDC 2300 Waterproof Gold Detector


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Minelab SDC 2300 Bundle from Aussie detectorist, The SDC2300 is simply the easiest Metal Detector to set up and get on the gold fast. Perfect for beginners, used by professionals.

UPGRADED SDC2300 Package

Whats New with the SDC Clegy?

The Minelab SDC2300 is Getting some upgrades! 

So Whats New with the gold Vacuum that's so easy to use?

The SDC now comes with the Power of Lithium, Meaning your SDC is running at its best for longer periods of time. The NI-MH Batteries where great, But with Lithium the Linear poer delivery means that your SDC is now running on full power for longer in the field.

 Google the difference between the 2 Battery types, it really is a major step forward for an already legendary machine.

The Standard SDC Headphones have been upgraded to the latest spec Minelab Design and provide superior audio performance for your SDC straight out of the box.

So Better Audio combined with an Upgraded Lithium Call means Australia's deadliest small gold Hunter just got even BETTER!

The Minelab SDC 2300 Metal Detector is a compact Metal Detector designed for the beginner who wants to get up and running quickly with a very small learning curve.

Its compact size is perfect for the travelling prospector and its ability on small to medium size gold nuggets at depth is class leading. Its also Fully waterproof and being a Pulse induction style machine is also very effective on the beach in wet and dry sand. 

High performance Gold Detecting in a very easy to set up and use package. Simply the easiest way to get on the gold Fast!

What comes in the Box?

  • Your New SDC 2300 with MPF 8” Round Mono Coil (Includes a skidplate)
  • A set of UPGRADED KOSS Headphones Minelab's Latest Spec.
  • NEW Lithium Power cell with Charger
  • The  Battery Charger
  • A 3-year warranty on control box & coil

In the Aussie Detectorist Bundle you'll also receive a few extra Items to make this a fantastic Gold detector package for everyone.

- Training on Private Property in NSW Valued at $495
- A Set Of TWIN Cups to recover your targets.
- A Bottle to hold your gold (Blue so its easy to spot in the Bush)


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