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Metal Detector Covers Keep your gear Looking it's best with a quality cover.

Detector covers from from Justin Cleghorn on Vimeo.

Metal Detector Covers to keep your Machine looking it's best and to protect from light rain, dust and sand.

Ok I'm Just gonna say this.......

Most, If not all the genuine metal detector covers made by the manufacturers for their own machines are just too expensive or in a lot of cases they don't even make one.

So I went looking, ordered a few samples, weeded out the crap and settled on this Line up of detector covers direct from the manufacturer.

The Metal Detector Covers are made from High Quality long life Clear film and strong UV protected polyester D600 material.

They are HAND sewn and I must say very well made with no straggly bits of cotton and loose stitching.

These metal detector covers will go the distance and provide protection for your machine from:

  • Dust and Sand getting in the speaker and other orifices of your machine
  • Light Rain stopping your hunt.
  • UV Rays, Over time may affect the plastic and make it brittle.
  • Scratches and scrapes from going feral in the bush.
  • Keeps dirt and mud out of the buttons.
  • Keeps the screen looking good with minimum scratches.

Full range is below and more covers are being added all the time as they become available.

Protect your metal detector today with a quality detector Cover.

Choose from the list below.


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