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MarsMD Pin Pointers, VLF Coils and Universal shaft

MarsMD are giving some of the established metal detecting gear manufacturers a run for their money with some High Quality coils, Pin-pointers and their Famous Universal shaft.

If your coil is NOT LISTED then please call to order by phone or use the contact us page. is proud to announce that we have established a supply line direct to the MarsMD factory and we can now supply dealers and the general public with these quality metal detecting accessories.

For the Full MarsMD Story I suggest you head over to their main website here. They are another Ukrainian company that has benefited from their Governments Science and technology department.

Currently MarsMD Manufacture 4 detector coils,
they are from smallest to largest.

  • The SNIPER 
  • The TIGER

marsMD Metal detecting coils Australia

Each coil has been manufactured to exceed manufacturers standard coils and give you better depth and ground coverage than Original equipment.

The coils are available for the following brands of Detectors:

Marsmd coils for these metal detectors

You'll be able to see which models are supported on the product information pages for each size coil. 

If your model detector is NOT listed but you know MarsMD make a coil for it then please get in touch and we will arrange to get it brought in for you.

Take a look at the coils on offer and take advantage of the extra depth and ground coverage the MarsMD coils can give you.

MarsMD Pin Pointers.

marsmd pinpointer australia

Let's face it, in the market there about a thousand options for pin pointers and metal detecting. About 5% of them actually work and make life easier.

The Majority of Coin and relic detectorists use a pin pointer to locate the target once they have started to dig. It makes sense to use one and it increases your target recovery speed and allows you to spend more time swinging your detector looking for juicy targets.

Having a QUALITY and RELIABLE Pin Pointer is almost essential equipment. Most people have bought more than one, because they made a wrong decision on the first one and they got frustrated.

Don't make the same mistake, take a look at the MarsMD Pinpointer, is very simple to use and very effective at nailing those targets in the hole.

Check out the MarsMD Pin Pointer New to Australia and it is sure to make some waves.

UNIVERSAL Shafts for most metal Detectors:

Mars MD Universal Shaft

marsmd universal shaft Australia

The MarsMD Universal Shaft is perfect for a lot of metal detectors as it makes your machine Lighter and also Telescopic, so packing it away and deploying it takes seconds. No more pulling the shaft to bits, just slide it in place.

We Look forward to answering your questions regarding MarsMD products and offering the same excellent service for this brand as well as the other brands that have placed their trust in our company.

Cheers Guys,

Happy Hunting



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