Tyger Stainless Traditional Metal detecting digging tool - the Blade

Tyger Stainless Steel

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The Tyger Stainless Steel "Blade" Traditional Style Digging tool for Detectorists.

Measuring in at 42 Cm In Total Length with a narrower blade that has been tapered slightly to allow for easier plug cutting and turf slicing.

The Tyger "Blade" is the absolute perfect LOW Footprint digging tool. A slight sharpen will turn the blade into the ultimate turf cutting weapon. By using the vertical or 45 degree angle "SLIT Technique" targets can be retrieved quickly with virtually no mess.

The Included belt holster is of a good size and makes putting the digger away an easy ONE HANDED operation. A small point but one that many detectorists can appreciate. Nothing worse than needing to brace the sheath with one hand as the digger won't fit properly.

Made by an Australian Detectorist for Australian Detectorists, this is a well designed, Strong and versatile digging tool.

For most people this will be the only digging tool you ever need.

INCREASE Your recovery Rate
DECREASE your Footprint.

Grab a quality Australian Handmade Digging Tool.

Tyger stainless steel Blade

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