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Beginner Metal Detector Package Deal, Everything to start Detecting NOW!

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The Ultimate Metal Detector Beginners Package, Everything you'll need to get out there and start metal detecting right now.

Let's start with your Metal Detector.

Hands Down the best Value Metal detector for beginners is the Minelab Vanquish 540 PRO Pack.

It has Multi IQ technology just like an equinox 600 or 800.

It has a small coil for trashy areas and to learn the machine with.

It has a BIG 12 Inch coil for deeper targets and covering more ground.

It has wireless headphones.

It has a backlight for night or low light detecting

It comes with a set of rechargeable batteries and the charger!

It comes with a rain cover so a few showers don't end your day out.

It has a 3 year warranty

It can be updated with the latest release firmware.

It is easy to use, powerful and is by no means a TOY.

It is the complete setup and all you'll need as far as the detecting gear goes, Remember you also get 2 coils!

VALUE $699

Now you'll need a good quality pinpointer to make recovering targets faster and easier and to allow you to make less impact on the ground you’re detecting.

Lets go for the Mi4 for XP metal detectors.

It is rechargeable (are we seeing a pattern?)

It is waterproof to 6 meters

It has a Light

It has a vibrate function

It has a re-tune/ground balance feature

It is tough and reliable

It can be repaired long into the future

It is Australia's most recommended pin pointer for metal detecting.

Simply this is one of the BEST quality pinpointers around, we are outfitting you with gear that is of high quality here. No cheap knockoffs here.

Value $229

Ok Now you're gonna need something to dig a nice neat hole so you can recover your treasure with little mess.

That's an easy one, The TYGER Cub is perfect for the beginner and for that matter for those with a lot of experience too.

It is hand made in Australia

It is small yet Very very strong

It has serrated edges to cut roots and turf.

It has a comfortable grip

It has a palm plate for easy 2 handed operation when needed.

It is simply the best little hand digger for metal detecting around.

Value $55

Lastly you'll need a bag to carry your digger and of course your finds. The easy choice is the Gray Ghost Ultimate catch all finds bag. A bag designed by a metal detecting dude for metal detecting.

It has a HUGE main compartment for all your trash

It has 4 more internal compartments in the main one, including a zippered mesh pouch for special finds

It has a mesh bottom for the dirt to fall out of

It comes with a wide belt

It carries a 600ml water bottle and has a spot for your keys and phone.

It  has a built in pn pointer holder and lanyard connection points x 2.

Yep it's the best finds bag money can buy.

Value $64.95

So That's everything you'll need and it's all high quality gear that you will use for a long time.

Let's quickly recap what you get.

The minelab Vanquish 540 pro pack with wireless headphones and 2 coils.

The XP Mi4 Pin Pointer

The Tyger CUB Digging tool

The Ultimate Catch all finds bag

TOTAL Retail Value of $1047.95

All Yours for Just


Start Metal Detecting today using quality equipment backed by Australian Warranties, service and back up help when you need it.

The Aussie detectorist Beginner metal detecting package Deal.