Detectorist Package Deals

What's better than getting a new tool to make your detecting more efficient and Fun?  
Getting 2 with a MAD DEAL thrown in is the simple answer! has come to the party with the special Package deals area where you can grab a special deal by taking advantage of these limited package deal Offers.

ALL Package deals are made up of only high quality metal detecting products and it gives you a chance to combine products from multiple Manufacturers so you get the best stuff for less.

I have a lot of repeat customers and I noticed a small pattern. Someone would buy something small like a CUB digger or some Cleaning pencils to test the system and make sure I deliver.

Usually very soon after that first small purchase they seem to go for the pointers and digging tools and some even end up owning a new detector via the XP deus or C-scope brands.

Great idea in my opinion to put the toe in the water first, but the downside is that people are paying WAY too much in postage especially to get multiple items.

So a package deal allows you to grab a package of items and number one save a fair wack on postage, as well as take advantage of a special discount applied to each package.

Take a look at the deals below, Book mark the page because as one deal ends a new one starts.

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Happy Hunting