Andre's Coin/Relic Restoration Pencils

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Don't clean your finds, RESTORE Them!

Andre's Coin/Relic restoration pencils are ideal to restore all your coins and artifacts. They are very versatile and will allow you to restore without damaging. We do recommend being very careful when cleaning copper coins, as they are probably the most "sensitive" metal.

You may use the hard point pencils to get rid of the crust. The brush pencil is great for finishing, monitoring your progress, or cleaning off thin layers of dirt.

The hard point pencils last quite a while and you will be able to clean many many coins and relics before needing to be replaced. The Brush pencil is double ended and as it wears you simply "twist" a little more out.

The refillable brush pencil is exactly that and can be refilled indefinitely.

Check out the videos below and watch these bad boys in action.


Enjoy RESTORING your finds.


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