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Operating from Newcastle, NSW with Nationwide Reach. 10 Years Servicing Aussie Detectorists, Prospectors and Fossickers.

Aussie detectorist Accessories

Not Just the Metal Detectors

We Carry ALL The accessories you could ever need or WANT. From spare Skidplates and replacement washers to new shafts, Coils, Digging Tools, Finds Bags, belts and way more we have you covered for all your Metal Detecting and Prospecting Needs. Combined with Fast shipping You can order today and get your new gear quickly.

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  • Metal Detectors

    We Stock the Best metal Detectors from Various brands (Minelab, XP, Garrett, Nokta and more) to offer you Choice. It can be confusing but we specialise in Making sure you get into the field carrying the Metal Detector that suits you BEST. It's Literally our only Job, so Call us Today on 0467 614 701 We Deliver Australia Wide Daily.

    Click here for Our Range of Metal Detectors 
  • Gold Pans, Rocker Boxes and Sluices

    Finding Gold in the waterways of Australia's Gold fields is actually quite easy, once you have the right gear and a bit of advice. We call it "Wetwork" as you'll be using water to Wash the gold from dirt, gravels and crevices. From the Humble gold Pan to the Modern Highbankers and Rocker Boxes we carry all the wetwork gear you'll ever need. A Great and cheap way to get into Gold prospecting and fossicking

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  • Package Deals for Detectorists

    We have grabbed some of our best selling products and combined them together in Package deals to save you a few $$$ and allow you to upgrade your gear sooner. From a new digging tool and a finds bag to a whole new metal detector with accessories. We have plenty of package deals to choose from. As always if your not 100% sure which is the best way to go then call us 0467 614 701 for some quick and friendly advice.

    Package it up and Save. 
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  • 10 Year Guaranteed Service life!

    Smallest, Fastest, Lightest, Most Powerful in its Class. See why more and more are Going XP.
    5 Year warranty and a 5 Year Repairability Guarantee after that. XP Lasts Longer.

    See the XP Range of Metal Detectors 
  • XP Gold Pans with EXCLUSIVE 'Snakeskin' Profile.

    See why so many hard core gold panners are switching to the XP Gold pan

    XP Gold pans 
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  • Fast Shipping with same DAY dispatch EVERY Business Day.

    We are directly across the road from the Newcastle Auspost Business Hub. Our Parcels get to the distribution center DIRECTLY which means you get your new gear Faster.

  • Australia Wide Delivery

    No Matter Where you are in Australia we can get it you.
    Others said too Hard? Give us a call then.

  • We Employ Detectorists and Prospectors

    Expect good advice from People that use the gear. But slow checkout cause they can't use tablets. Be Patient with 'em. LOL

  • We Just Like it!

    We Enjoy Prospecting and Metal Detecting so helping people make the right decisions about their first or next bit of equipment is just Natural.